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a shelter in the time of storm

yesterday we had a downpour in orlando. there was thunder and the skies just let loose buckets upon buckets of rain.

i was with my clients to do community service as we typically do on tuesday evenings. after arriving a bit early, the kids met up with some of the other clients and were talking and throwing around a football when we heard that first clap of thunder. a couple of the kids didn’t like it – saying they didn’t feel safe, but most of them just stopped for a brief moment before resuming their play.

before long, the first drops of rain began to fall. other volunteers began to arrive as the rain began to fall heavier by the moment. pj, the director of straight street orlando arrived and i was not surprised that he wanted to carry on as normal to tend to our friends. so we braved the rain and made our way to the back lot of the church where we set up. not surprising was the lack of people there – both the homeless and the volunteers.

someone found a tarp that was held up by some of the volunteers while the rest huddled underneath the tarp and began to dish out meals into take out containers, placing them into plastic shopping bags. then someone would dash out into the rain and find a friend to hand out a meal to. i went around with a bag filled with fresh oranges, handing them out to our friends. it was the least i could do.

(this is a photo posted on straight street orlando’s facebook page from last night)

in the meantime, umbrellas and such became pretty useless. a hoodie my one client borrowed from me was soaked and very heavy so she took it off and i got the pleasure of hanging onto it, feeling it grow heavier by the minute as the rain continued to cascade over us. i had a large umbrella – it was pointless. my shoes were so wet that my feet were sliding in them – i finally took them off – it was easier to walk barefooted than to slide around in my shoes. my clothes – well – i don’t think there was one dry spot on them. even with an umbrella to “shield” me, water just ran down my back. as i stood leaning up against the window ledge with water pouring down my back, thoughts of warm, dry shelter crossed my mind. but not for me.

  (an image i found on the web)

i had a dry car to go to. eventually i would arrive home where i could change into dry clothing and wrap a blanket around me until i was no longer cold. but what about the friends we minister to here in downtown orlando? chances are, on a night like this was, if they were able to get to the nearest homeless shelter, there wouldn’t be any room because others got there well in advance of this storm. where were they going to go? when i eventually did leave, i saw people huddled in doorways of the church where we always meet. their backs were turned to try to shield them from the deluge falling around them. there were people gathered together on the steps outside of the church in the front. there they found some respite but it was windy so i would imagine it wasn’t totally secure from the weather. as i sat in my car with my clients, trying to warm up as fast as we could with the heater turned up high, all i could think about was how there were probably thousands who would be wishing deep down inside for a small corner to sit down in that was dry.

we went to get something to eat in the hopes that it would warm us up a little. we looked like drowned rats. while paying for our meal, an elderly man asked me if i had a dollar. as soon as i received my change, i immediately put it into the cup he held out and smiled at him. while the kids and i were enjoying our fried chicken and potato wedges, a young lady asked if i could help get her something to eat. i quickly fished out a five dollar bill and told her to get herself a meal. when we were leaving, another man approached me, holding a sign asking for help. i was out of small bills, but i did have a box with some leftovers. i told him to take the box, explaining what was inside. he thanked me several times. i just told him to enjoy and to have a blessed night.

i wish i had enough money to tend to everyone that night. feed them a meal. offer love in a world that has none to offer. and most of all, last night, i wish i could have offered them a shelter in the time of storm.

isaiah 25:4

to learn more about straight street orlando, visit them at their facebook page: or their website at


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home sweet home

“home sweet home”…..for some of us, there are no truer words. for others, that phrase is something that is just out of their reach…..

last night, i went to downtown orlando to meet with other volunteers that would be “working” with straight street orlando, a nonprofit group that feeds the homeless behind a church twice a week. i typically will go on tuesday evenings with one of the teens i’m mentoring, but last night, i took david with me. while the other volunteers are passing out drinks and meals prepared by some of the volunteers, i will go around and fellowship with those being ministered to – asking what their name is, are they from orlando and how long have they been there. i shake lots of hands and give lots of smiles and a bunch of hugs. i let them know that i am happy to have met them. i am trying to let them see Christ through me as i show them i care. i “love on them”, as my pastor would say. 🙂

i have talked to many people since i started going to straight street, but last night was the first time that i was moved to tears. as the founder of straight street was giving a short message from God, i was sitting near a young couple who sat very close to each other and were holding hands – very tightly. every so often, you’d see one of them look at the other with tenderness and love. as i watched them, my heart began to break. i couldn’t seem to look away – until the tears started to fall. by this time, pj was offering up prayer and i was grateful for the moment – this allowed the tears to fall without much notice. i grabbed david’s hand – he would understand. since coming to america, david has become very aware of the homelessness – especially in the central florida area. when pj was done, i wiped the tears from my eyes and told david i wanted to get a photo of the young couple that touched my heart and was determined to meet them and talk to them. i went over to them and introduced myself and my husband and asked if we could take their photo. i explained i would be writing about the homeless situation in my blog and wanted to share their story. they agreed to have their picture taken and to letting me share it, along with their story.


meet albert and sara. he is 23 and she is 25. married three years. he is a navy vet, being discharged july of 2013. albert has a wonderful smile and a great attitude. sara is a bit quieter, but is very sweet. they’ve been on the streets – this time – for three weeks. albert stated they had been staying at his biological father’s house (i never asked why he kept referring to him as that) until he kicked them out. oh sure – they can still use his address for mail and for applications asking for a physical address, but they cannot live there. the night before we met, they had to move from the place they were sleeping to higher ground because we had heavy rains on monday night and there was flooding in many areas – including parts of orlando. albert told me that he has experienced homelessness since coming out of the navy last year. and he can’t seem to find a job. he wants to work. he is willing to do what it takes so that he can provide a home for he and his wife. while talking with them, i was made aware of a painful fact that shook me to the core. while there are plenty of shelters for individuals and for families with children, there are none in the downtown orlando area for married couples that have no children. the closest shelters for couples without children is somewhere between 7 and 15 miles away, depending where you go. traveling back and forth to a shelter that is that far can’t be easy when you don’t have the money to make that round trip on a daily basis. albert isn’t bitter. he IS on the other hand, grateful for making sure that he and sara are always fed, stating that “God is taking care of us”. i had a hard time walking away, but i wanted to spend time loving on others. i had blessing bags to give out and i’d already spotted a few i wanted to share them with. so i moved on.


this is joseph. while he didn’t share his story, his face captured my heart and i asked him if we could take his picture and share it. he said yes and we just talked for a few minutes.

orlando is said to have approximately 15,000 people that are homeless. 15,000!!! that number is staggering in my mind!! oh sure – florida is the sunshine state but open your eyes folks….it’s also in hurricane alley. we do get rain. and believe it or not, it can get cold here during the winter and sometimes the early spring months. and you know what? people want to go somewhere safe. they want a pillow under their head and a mattress of some sort to lie their weary bodies down on. they want to know that they are sheltered from the elements – rain, cold, bugs, etc….there’s even the danger of people taking advantage of their situation. there are assaults, rapes, and yes, murders. i’d read last night a homeless man that straight street had ministered to one night  was stabbed to death not too far from where the feeding takes place. apparently there had been a fight between this man that was referred to as “barney” and another homeless man. this happened a few years ago – it probably made the news but i don’t watch the news. i’ve met a woman who had a baby two months ago. her son robert was a preemie and weighed a little under 5 pounds at birth. when i met her, robert was 6 weeks old and at his checkup weighed 7 pounds, i picked this tiny baby up and cradled him in my arms. he was so small. as i sat on the bench by his parents, i cried out in my heart. i kept asking God over and over to protect little robert. this isn’t supposed to be how life gets started. robert should be sleeping in a crib surrounded by little toys. he shouldn’t have to be made to brave the elements – especially since he was born so small. i don’t know the story of why his parents are homeless or how long they’ve been on the streets. from their appearance i wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been there for quite some time. but i won’t say that it’s fact as i don’t judge a book by its cover. they may not be handling their own situation well and are just trying to cope with no home while caring for a tiny infant.

throughout the evening i passed out blessing bags til they ran out. introduced myself to many and let them know how happy i was to have met them. i met one man whose name i cannot recall that accepted my offer of a hug and i was the one to walk away feeling blessed. i met another man who declined a blessing bag. when i asked if he wanted a hug, he replied, “i could really use one right now”. so i reached out and hugged his weary body. this was the first time that i was close to a person that smelled of alcohol that didn’t make me want to turn away. it was as if God took my usual reaction to the smell of alcohol away so that i could be what i needed to be for this man. he told me he’s from north carolina and wanted to go back. he couldn’t find an agency to help him fulfill that one wish. he stated he can’t get help from his family back there because they don’t have the resources to get him home. he shared he’s having medical problems. i don’t know why, but i offered another hug, and this time i held on tightly for an extra moment or two. before i walked away, i reached out and touched his face. i can still see the sadness in his eyes.

david was so moved by the things he heard and saw last night that he wrote a poem:

Glory of Cities

You love us when we’re fighting. We were proud
to fight for those who’d never know our name.
You cheer like fury when you’re in the crowd
and we parade before you, hale or lame.
But when we come back home, behind the lines
you draw (and we once drew), we don’t exist.
As once we did, you fail to see the signs;
and though one flag by all of us is kissed,
we forage for our food in dark back yards
where churches give us all that they can get,
or offer crumbs of comfort now and then;
we learn to struggle wounded through the shards
of shrapnel flung by cities which regret
we live in them – as though we were not men.



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september photo a day – day 13

day 13 – unexpected – i made my own bbq sauce for these ribs today. i slow-cooked them, basting with the sauce. they were so tender. the unexpected thing about this – the sauce was perfect – sweet, tangy, smoky and perfectly sticky – much better than what you’d get from a bottle!! ahhhh….the joys of cooking from scratch 🙂


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september photo a day – day 12

day 12 – shadow – the light above the kitchen table casting shadows along the walls and ceiling


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september photo a day – day 9

day 9 – on the wall – this framed print is one of my most prized possessions – my father used to have an art gallery/art shop and from the moment this arrived at his shop, i had admired it. it was always out of my price range due to the frame being made with white gold. when he closed his shop/gallery, he gave this to me.

on the wall

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september photo a day – day 3

day 3 – lines – front-on view of the patio blinds in my apartment
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september photo a day – day 2

day 2 – my name begins with…this is “lily-baa” the little lamb…she was a gift from my friend jen who lives in canada…she sent her to me when i had double knee replacement surgery 2 years ago. lily has gone through therapy with me, cheering me on when i had to learn how to walk again. she traveled all the way to england with me when i went there at Christmas of 2012 to meet in person the man who recently became my husband. she stayed with david when i had to reluctantly leave to return to florida. a couple of weeks later, lily and david came to florida because neither of them could live without me. we were happily reunited and now the three of us are a happy family 🙂

my name begins with

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