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a shelter in the time of storm

yesterday we had a downpour in orlando. there was thunder and the skies just let loose buckets upon buckets of rain.

i was with my clients to do community service as we typically do on tuesday evenings. after arriving a bit early, the kids met up with some of the other clients and were talking and throwing around a football when we heard that first clap of thunder. a couple of the kids didn’t like it – saying they didn’t feel safe, but most of them just stopped for a brief moment before resuming their play.

before long, the first drops of rain began to fall. other volunteers began to arrive as the rain began to fall heavier by the moment. pj, the director of straight street orlando arrived and i was not surprised that he wanted to carry on as normal to tend to our friends. so we braved the rain and made our way to the back lot of the church where we set up. not surprising was the lack of people there – both the homeless and the volunteers.

someone found a tarp that was held up by some of the volunteers while the rest huddled underneath the tarp and began to dish out meals into take out containers, placing them into plastic shopping bags. then someone would dash out into the rain and find a friend to hand out a meal to. i went around with a bag filled with fresh oranges, handing them out to our friends. it was the least i could do.

(this is a photo posted on straight street orlando’s facebook page from last night)

in the meantime, umbrellas and such became pretty useless. a hoodie my one client borrowed from me was soaked and very heavy so she took it off and i got the pleasure of hanging onto it, feeling it grow heavier by the minute as the rain continued to cascade over us. i had a large umbrella – it was pointless. my shoes were so wet that my feet were sliding in them – i finally took them off – it was easier to walk barefooted than to slide around in my shoes. my clothes – well – i don’t think there was one dry spot on them. even with an umbrella to “shield” me, water just ran down my back. as i stood leaning up against the window ledge with water pouring down my back, thoughts of warm, dry shelter crossed my mind. but not for me.

  (an image i found on the web)

i had a dry car to go to. eventually i would arrive home where i could change into dry clothing and wrap a blanket around me until i was no longer cold. but what about the friends we minister to here in downtown orlando? chances are, on a night like this was, if they were able to get to the nearest homeless shelter, there wouldn’t be any room because others got there well in advance of this storm. where were they going to go? when i eventually did leave, i saw people huddled in doorways of the church where we always meet. their backs were turned to try to shield them from the deluge falling around them. there were people gathered together on the steps outside of the church in the front. there they found some respite but it was windy so i would imagine it wasn’t totally secure from the weather. as i sat in my car with my clients, trying to warm up as fast as we could with the heater turned up high, all i could think about was how there were probably thousands who would be wishing deep down inside for a small corner to sit down in that was dry.

we went to get something to eat in the hopes that it would warm us up a little. we looked like drowned rats. while paying for our meal, an elderly man asked me if i had a dollar. as soon as i received my change, i immediately put it into the cup he held out and smiled at him. while the kids and i were enjoying our fried chicken and potato wedges, a young lady asked if i could help get her something to eat. i quickly fished out a five dollar bill and told her to get herself a meal. when we were leaving, another man approached me, holding a sign asking for help. i was out of small bills, but i did have a box with some leftovers. i told him to take the box, explaining what was inside. he thanked me several times. i just told him to enjoy and to have a blessed night.

i wish i had enough money to tend to everyone that night. feed them a meal. offer love in a world that has none to offer. and most of all, last night, i wish i could have offered them a shelter in the time of storm.

isaiah 25:4

to learn more about straight street orlando, visit them at their facebook page: or their website at


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God Says You Are Capable I just finished day 246 of Rick Warren’s Daily Devotional Bible reading plan at

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The Oneness of All Believers

The Oneness of All Believers – Galatians 4:1-16

Believers are one in                                             Our Unity is experienced in           

Body                                                                The fellowship of believers – the church

Spirit                                                               The Holy Spirit, who activates the fellowship

Hope                                                                That glorious future to which we are all called

Lord                                                                 Christ, to whom we all belong

Faith                                                                Our singular commitment to Christ

Baptism                                                           Baptism – the sign of entry into the church

God                                                                  God, who is our Father who keeps us for eternity


Too often believers are separated because of minor differences in doctrine. But Paul here shows those areas where Christians must agree to attain true unity. When believers have this unity of spirit, petty differences should never be allowed to dissolve that unity.


Taken from the Life Application Study Bible


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july photo a day – day 11

day 11 – i wore this – at our church, the theme for VBS this year was “Kingdom Chronicles” and those of us volunteering that would be working directly with the children would need to wear a name badge. for an entire week, all the children got to know me as “Lady Lisa”


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june photo a day – day 10 & 11

day 10 – you and day 11 – something funny – this was taken last week at the celebration of our church’s 24th anniversary – my husband (the one taking the pic) wanted to get a photo with me and our youth pastor, mike, to celebrate our working together in the youth department for the last 7 years. my husband tells me say that mike is such and such and as soon as my husband said what he wanted me to say, i burst out laughing because what he wanted me to say was so NOT anything describing mike.

you & something funny


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june photo a day – day 9

day 9 – from down low – this is my friend marvin from church. he is super tall – about 6-1/2 feet tall. i’m only 5 feet short. i sat down on the pew and pointed the camera upward to get the worm’s eye view of marvin
from down low

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may photo a day – day 26

day 26 – fave thing to do on sunday – i love to help out on the bus that serves the street ministry for starlight baptist church every sunday afternoon

these are some of the faces i see every sunday – including the bus driver 🙂

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.           Matthew 25:40 (KJV)




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