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august photo a day – day 3

day 3 – skyline – this was from my visit to England during the Christmas holidays in 2012. it was taken the day that i was going to meet my husband’s family and to announce our engagement. (he’s from derbyshire)



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august photo a day – day 2

day 2 – incomplete – incomplete thought



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thank you!!

today i am celebrating the fact that there are now 100 people following my blog! who would have thought that when i began this journey into photography (and the occasional side posting), i would make it a year (with a few bumps along the way)! today marks the start of the second year of this fun and creative challenge – and as the year goes on, i hope and pray that you will continue to enjoy what i share here. my goal is to continually learn and improve on my photographic skills so that one day i can take photos as good as my husband and some of my friends, as well as some of the people out there whose photos i admire from afar.


thank you all for taking this journey with me.

God bless!!



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august photo a day – day 1

day 1 – something beginning with “n” – nickel

something beginning with n


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august photo a day prompt list



august 2013 photo a day prompt list

prompt list


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