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april photo a day – day 29

day 29 – i wore this today
~ i proudly wear this every day
i wore this today

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april photo a day – day 28

day 28 – my sunday
i came home from church tonight and saw this little frog hanging out in front of my door.
my sunday

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april photo a day – day 27

day 27 – earth
deadwood piled for a bonfire

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april photo a day – day 26

day 26 – childhoodImage


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april photo a day – day 25

day 25 – life is…..being married to my best friendĀ 
life is (1)

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april photo a day – day 24

day 24 – i saw this person today…..
david and i went out for bagels today and this was our server, cleaning up the table next to us.

i saw this person today



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april photo a day – day 23

day 23 – time
time to plant some thyme (and other herbs)

i love to cook and i prefer to use the freshest ingredients possible. i don’t buy things in bulk and i don’t buy much in the way of pre-prepared items. i make my own spice blends – you tend to get much more when you do it that way and it’s definitely much cheaper! because i love the aroma of fresh herbs – whether it’s before i’ve used them, or after i’ve done some chopping, i decided i’d like to grow some of the ones i tend to use most often. so david (my sweet husband of two months) and i picked up some seed packets and a starter kit and we’re going to celebrate our two month “monthiversary” today by planting our little seeds.



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