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a husband well fed

i love how my husband loves my cooking!! he tells people that while he enjoys dining out, he feels so lucky when i cook dinner. how awesome is that? 

tonight’s dinner:
Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Potatoes, served with fresh steamed green beans.

there were NO leftovers tonight!!Image


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i feel the need to apologize for my month-long absence. my life has been hectic and it recently was turned a bit upside down. i was in a long-distance relationship with a wonderful man from england that i actually met on facebook. we’d been corresponding and talking to each other on the phone/skype for over a year.  i went to england so that we may celebrate Christmas together and our time together verified what we had been feeling and we got engaged. i had hoped that God would provide the means for me to be able to remain in england, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be at the time. i returned to the united states on new year’s day and due to some turn of events, david arrived here in florida 11 days later!! we found a place for him to stay until we could make more permanent plans for him as well as figure out when we would like to get married. we decided a couple of weeks after he arrived that we really didn’t want to wait to get married, so we started to quickly plan a simple but intimate wedding. during the course of all of this, we searched for and found a lovely apartment and began to pack and move my things. i, of course, wouldn’t be moving until our wedding night. 🙂

on february 23rd, in front of God and friends and family, we became husband and wife ❤

but….a week before we were to be married, the elderly woman i had been a private caretaker for over the last 5-1/2 years went into the hospital because she was very weak and had great trouble walking. she tested positive for the influenza b virus (the flu). at one point, it seemed as if she might pull through and make a recovery. 2 days before the wedding, in the midst of finalizing wedding details and packing for my upcoming move to the home i’d be sharing with david, i insisted on making the time to go see Nana at the hospital – i missed her greatly – she was like my own grandmother. she smiled as she heard my voice and held my hand tightly. when i left, she was quietly sleeping.

at the wedding, i had asked her daughter, who i consider family and friend, how Nana was doing. i was told that she was not doing well. while this troubled me, i concentrated on celebrating my marriage to david and had an enjoyable evening.

the next morning, at church, i learned that Nana had passed away – just hours after my wedding. i was crushed. i also learned that my eldest niece had suffered a miscarriage the night of my wedding. my world was being changed in mere moments.

shortly after the wedding, i began to suffer from exhaustion. since david’s arrival in florida on january 12th, i had been going non-stop, sometimes not getting to bed til the wee hours of the morning. just when i thought i could start resuming work on organizing my things in our new home, i was struck down again – this time with major sinus inflammation. the left side of my face has been lopsided and all i’ve managed to do is sleep or at least vegetate on the sofa. i am still a bit swollen, but my energy level has risen slightly.

i am going to work on trying to get back on track with the photo-a-day as i truly miss it. i love the challenge and creativity that it brings out in me.

david and i on our wedding day – february 23, 2013



Ruby June Billips “Nana”

June 19, 1920 – February 24, 2013

Nana on her 92nd birthday 

Nana the Biker Chick


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